Before we talk about money, we talk about you

Understanding everything, from your financial literacy to your lifelong goals, lets us calibrate a financial roadmap that’s as unique as you are.

We believe in creating long term partnerships

You can count on:

Only speaking with decision-makers

You’ll always talk with a partner who was “in the room where it happened” and will understand investment decisions in depth.

Advisors with a legal standard to look after your best interests

Avalon is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We keep our interests aligned, and our fees simple: When you do better, so do we.

A focus on

Markets go up, markets go down. Avalon’s investment approach focuses on getting consistent returns across all markets.

The financial planning process

We use a goals-based process to get you from point A to point B.

Let’s talk about you. What do you visualize for your future? What has your past taught you about money? What are your expectations around gains or risk and how actively involved do you want to be? This discussion helps us understand you as a person and begins creating the framework for your financial solution.
Collect financial information, from assets and liabilities to beneficiaries, income, and expenses. A clear understanding opens up possibilities.
This is the fun part. We do a goals analysis and incorporate your values and priorities to come up with your optimal plan. After you’ve done all the “right things,” what then? We help you explore “what if” goal setting. An additional analysis and discussion can help you see what it takes to bring these higher level ambitions to life.
We make the sign-up and onboarding experience as easy as possible for you. Aggregating your accounts, reviewing existing holdings and aligning with your other advisors, from CPAs to estate attorneys, we'll help you get a better overview into your complete financial profile.
Understand the report, see what we did, and know where your portfolio stands relative to your personal benchmarks.
Your financial plan is a living document that evolves along with your goals. We check in regularly to ensure you’re on track.

What’s Your Destination?

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